Old work, new product.

My photo available in 3 colour ways.

More of my old work is starting to trickle to the surface, this one is a skateboard photo I shot last summer. I was covering “Go Skateboarding Day” for Supra Distribution a skateboard and skate apperel distributor here in Vancouver, it was a great time and a perfect day to be skateboarding all over the city with a few hundred other kids. Supra was happy with my shots and they got lots of use on the interwebz in blogs and photo streams. One way or another one of my photos stood out to the guys at Lakai footwear and they grabbed my shot of a group of kids carrying a huge Lakai logo like an Egyptian sarcophagus and made a Tshirt from it. Long story short the Tshirt will be out this fall in three colour ways.

Find it in a skate shop near you.

I figured I would post up a few other shots from the day as well.



Sneak peek at new work.

So I have been pretty busy lately between personal projects, music videos, web series’, commercial contest videos, and photo shoots it a wonder my kid recognises me. Oh and I have that full time job too. Anyway I thought I might give a quick update on my current work. The first is my entry for the Peak radio station commercial contest, there are only a few days left until they announce the winner and I have been getting great feedback. I don’t know if I am in the running to win but I definitely am happy with what I put out there. The other long term project I have been working on is a Web series with Director/writer/actor Devon Ferguson, it is still in production so I can’t say too much about it but I think it will be damn funny and a different look than my usual style of film making. I also collaberated with Devon on a music video for the sexy all girl rap group Dipit n’ Butta Moah for the single “Grit in my Slit”. It was a tough day with a busy schedule starting early on the beach at Spanish Banks and ending late in the East Village Factory studio. But it was worth it because I actually pulled a still from one of the clips that I would be happy with as a photograph. And I don’t know if I have ever done that before. So check out the frame grab of Dipit smoking a fat “cigar”. This clip is also making it into my new reel which I am hard at work on and should have done in the next few weeks. I will also be updating my photography portfolio to better match the new website and the new direction all of my work has been moving toward.

Keep checkin in as all this new work starts surfacing.

Commercial for the Peak radio station

So the Peak radio station is having a contest to make a commercial advertising there new stronger signal. I figured why not throw something together, I could use the 10g first prize I guess. So with a quick bit of planning and some Salvation Army costume shopping I put together this 30 sec commercial. Just me shooting on my Nikon D800, Jonah ripping it up on the bike and “Peak Man” hanging in the beautiful North Shore wilderness at magic hour. Enjoy!


Music video I second unit camera operated on – TONA “TIMING” FEAT. KARDINAL OFFISHALL

A few weeks ago me and Kevin Rigney were asked to shoot some second unit footage for the new Tona music video featuring Kardinal Offishall. We went out for an afternoon with a Red Epic X camera and a set of Zeiss standard speeds and shot some beauty B roll of Vancouver. Shooting on the Epic was fun and a learning experience, we were asked by the producers to shoot everything at 4K 120fps to give them as much flexibility in post to make our footage cut with  the previously shot footage that was filmed in Toronto. Aside from some not so perfect cloud cover we were able to get some nice stuff in the can and over all I think they were happy with the results and actually used quite a lot of the footage in the final cut. But boy do I not want to have to start buying hard drives to archive the footage. Shooting at 120 FPS in 4K raw we filled up around 350 gigs in order to produce maybe 1 minute of screen time. If 4K goes mainstream buy stock in Western Digital.


Here is the final product, all the shot of Vancouver are from us except the flying shots.

Fireworks and the Celebration of Light

I went out to shoot some photos of the Celebration of light fireworks final last night. It was a good little learning experience shooting long exposures on my Nikon D800 for the first time and trying out a cheapo ebay remote shutter release. Over all I got a couple keepers and didn’t have to fight the crowds since I shot from up on Cypress mountain.

Good times.

Corby Martin Director of Photography