Amazing time laps film

The whole time laps thing has been done to death. A few years ago it was cool and with the onset of DSLRs shooting timelapses and allowing for post pan and scanning and resizing alot of exciting films where made. But now Vimeo is full of astro, cloud, street/traffic timelapses and it’s all been done.

But I just came across this beautiful film shot of and around Kuala Lumpur and although there really isn’t anything new in it, it has all been done better than I have seen in a while. I really enjoyed this one and may need to go shoot some timelapses now.



Some Vice is Nice.

I never really hyped this gallery showing at the time because the subject matter and photography style is a bit outside of my target demographic (if you know what I mean) But it was well received and got a fair bit of attention around the Vancouver alt scene. So I figured it’s worth a post.

A few months ago the Glass City Collective, a non profit artist collective that I am an artist in residence with was asked to take part in the 16 Deadly Sins Fetish and Erotic Art Show at The FALL Tattooing & Artists Gallery. So instead of having a single artist represent the collective we did a group co-operative shoot. 5 photographers, 4 models, 3 stylists and a designer all working together in the East Village Factory studios. We had a great time and shot late into the night.

After all was done we had “Some Vice is Nice” a series of 9 custom printed and framed photographs for the show.

“Some Vice is Nice”

Concept work by ziicka
Digital after effects by Mbeau
Styling & project co-management by Tracy Cake

Riannaconda Burlesque & Other Arts // model
LittleBit Lizbit // model
Mar Marb // model

ziicka // concept, makeup & model
Hair by Lucy Lopez
Nails by Emily Eror
& Corsets by Suzee 666
Shot at the East Village Factory, in conjunction withGlassCity Studio-Salon.

Here are some of the promotional pieces using my photographs from the day.

A very cool location photo shoot.

This video is of a photo shoot on location inside a glacier. This is exactly the type of extreme location fashion photography that I would love to be doing as a career. I do in fact have a new project on the table that will involve shooting some wild fashion out in the North Shore mountains and I can’t wait to share more about that as it happens.

Enjoy the video.

Gearing up for Blood Shots

I have had a few weeks of taking it easy around the studio but for the last few days I have been gearing up to DP a film in the Bloodshots 48 hour film challenge. This is one of the bigger and longer running film competitions in Vancouver and always draws big crowds and great film makers.

I am excited to be a part of a great team being led by producers/ writers/ directors Izaiah Kane and Panayioti Yannitsos and a whole crew of talented folks. My camera team will be myself as DP and camera operator with Curtis Nicholls as my 1st AC and a couple young guys I have not yet met as 2nd AC and trainee. Handling the lights will be Gaffer Jeff Zwicker who I have not had the pleasure to work with yet but I’m sure will be fantastic.

I have been making my list and checking it twice (camera and lighting package list that is) and if our proposed sponsorships come threw we should have a very drool worthy camera/ lens package.

I will be updating the progress of our team this week as everything comes together and I will try to keep up a behind the scenes live blog during the shoot days next weekend. We have a meeting with all the Keys tomorrow evening so I should know more by then.


Keep checking back.

Trunk Show by Misty Greer

So this is another bit of older work that I am finally posting up. It has been floating around on Facebook for a while but hasn’t really had a proper post. Ziicka from Glass City Collective was the master mind of this shoot and she assembled  the cast and crew as well as all the logistics for the shoot, her and the rest of the crew at Glass City are a great one stop solution for producing a shoot of any size both still and video. Check them out for your next project at

designs by TrunkShow by Misty Greer
Corby Martin // photography
ziicka // makeup and model
LittleBit Lizbit // model


Check out the whole editorial spread here.

Corby Martin Director of Photography