Behind the scenes of “Found Beauty”

Here is a behind the scenes shot of my fantastic crew on my recent project “Found Beauty”. The story of finding beauty in nature and a natural beauty.

Look out for this series of images to be published soon.


Crew credits L-R  MUA/hair ziicka, Model Teal, assistant Zoe Arthur.


3 models and 3 lighting setups in a 20 square foot space.

I had a fun challenge the other day shooting some fun creative portraits with my GC team and some awesome models.

We had a free night in our calendar and decided to get together to shoot some no pressure practice shots with three new models that needed some practice. To keep it casual we decided to shoot in Ziicka’s place, which is a tiny, basement suite with 6′ ceilings and hardly enough space for 2 people. So we decided to stuff three models, Ziicka doing makeup and styling, Jessica Holloway doing hair and myself with all my lighting and camera gear into that little space.

We ended up have a great time and shooting late into the night only stopping to eat some delicious Sal e Lemon tacos.


Here are a few of my favorites from the night.

Caitlin Dewitt 1 Caitlin Dewitt 2 Racheal 1 Teal 1 Teal 2

Early misty morning with Ziicka

A few days ago me and my favorite MUA/model/producer/creative director/blue haired friend Ziicka got up bright and early to shoot in the morning fog. I had a lighting setup I wanted to try out and Zii is just always game to help out in front of or behind the camera so we loaded up and went down by the water front to catch the morning mist and fall colors.

Turns out the fog wasn’t going to stick around for us but we made the best of it and got some nice shots in just a few minutes.

Here are a couple shots from the day and a behind the scenes look at the lights.

20131020-_DSC6462-Edit 20131020-_DSC6465-Edit

20131020-_DSC6466 20131020-_DSC6468

Finally updating some of my current photography work.

Fire red in the wind.

Again it has been a long time between posts on here. I have been busy, what can I say. But the good news is now I have some content to show off. I just added a small gallery of photos from a practice session with Ziicka at the Glass City space in EVF studio called Blue with Ziicka. It was a fun little testing session to try out some new lighting ideas I had and Zii wanted to try out not having eyebrows. OK. But they turned out pretty cool and I have had great feedback on them from the few people that have seen them. Check that gallery out here.

Next I shot an evening with clothing designer Harrison Oswald modeling his own creations and Ziicka doing makeup and styling. Check that set out here.

We had a great time and finished up so quick we had time to get Zii in front of the camera again to model some Titans Eve tee shirts. Check that set out here.

And finally for today I am posting up a few shots from a shoot I did for hair stylist Lucy Lopez. We were working with a theme of blazing orange and red hair on three beautiful models, Marmar, Liz and Kayla. Again it was fun times had by all and I really enjoyed getting to play with light to showcase the amazing hair styling of Lucy. That gallery can be viewed here.

That’s it for now, I have a bunch of video work coming up in the near future so look out for a big post of links to music videos soon.



I just did a little update.

So I just finished up doing a little update of the look around the site. Nothing huge but I think it’s looking a little nicer over all. A huge thanks goes out to Noah Funk for helping me figure out the little code work that needed to be done.


Look around and let me know what you think.

I just posted up my Director of Photography Reel.

So it’s that time of year I guess where I start thinking about my accomplishments over this past year (aside of course from my biggest accomplishment, helping bringing my little boy Maxo into the world) and tying a neat little bow on it. This of course means editing a new reel of my most recent film projects and getting it out into the world to drum up some new projects for the new year. I think the difference between my last reel and my new one is fairly substantial, I know I”ve grown in my lighting skills over this last year and that has made a difference but I feel I am also working on better projects that allow me to shine as a film maker.

I hope my work continues to get bigger and better while working with more professional and creative people in the future.


Corby Martin – Director of Photography – Reel from Corby Martin on Vimeo.

Another great time laps film.

Here is another really great time laps film, this time of  Guangzhou China. I am more impressed with the architecture and flashing lights of the city but the film does a great job of showcasing it and amplifying the appeal.

Between this film and my co-worker David Wang bugging me I want to go to China now more than ever.


Guangzhou’2012 (CHINA)

Amazing time laps film

The whole time laps thing has been done to death. A few years ago it was cool and with the onset of DSLRs shooting timelapses and allowing for post pan and scanning and resizing alot of exciting films where made. But now Vimeo is full of astro, cloud, street/traffic timelapses and it’s all been done.

But I just came across this beautiful film shot of and around Kuala Lumpur and although there really isn’t anything new in it, it has all been done better than I have seen in a while. I really enjoyed this one and may need to go shoot some timelapses now.



Some Vice is Nice.

I never really hyped this gallery showing at the time because the subject matter and photography style is a bit outside of my target demographic (if you know what I mean) But it was well received and got a fair bit of attention around the Vancouver alt scene. So I figured it’s worth a post.

A few months ago the Glass City Collective, a non profit artist collective that I am an artist in residence with was asked to take part in the 16 Deadly Sins Fetish and Erotic Art Show at The FALL Tattooing & Artists Gallery. So instead of having a single artist represent the collective we did a group co-operative shoot. 5 photographers, 4 models, 3 stylists and a designer all working together in the East Village Factory studios. We had a great time and shot late into the night.

After all was done we had “Some Vice is Nice” a series of 9 custom printed and framed photographs for the show.

“Some Vice is Nice”

Concept work by ziicka
Digital after effects by Mbeau
Styling & project co-management by Tracy Cake

Riannaconda Burlesque & Other Arts // model
LittleBit Lizbit // model
Mar Marb // model

ziicka // concept, makeup & model
Hair by Lucy Lopez
Nails by Emily Eror
& Corsets by Suzee 666
Shot at the East Village Factory, in conjunction withGlassCity Studio-Salon.

Here are some of the promotional pieces using my photographs from the day.

A very cool location photo shoot.

This video is of a photo shoot on location inside a glacier. This is exactly the type of extreme location fashion photography that I would love to be doing as a career. I do in fact have a new project on the table that will involve shooting some wild fashion out in the North Shore mountains and I can’t wait to share more about that as it happens.

Enjoy the video.

Corby Martin Director of Photography