November 12, 2012 Corby Martin

I just posted up my Director of Photography Reel.

So it’s that time of year I guess where I start thinking about my accomplishments over this past year (aside of course from my biggest accomplishment, helping bringing my little boy Maxo into the world) and tying a neat little bow on it. This of course means editing a new reel of my most recent film projects and getting it out into the world to drum up some new projects for the new year. I think the difference between my last reel and my new one is fairly substantial, I know I”ve grown in my lighting skills over this last year and that has made a difference but I feel I am also working on better projects that allow me to shine as a film maker.

I hope my work continues to get bigger and better while working with more professional and creative people in the future.


Corby Martin – Director of Photography – Reel from Corby Martin on Vimeo.

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Corby Martin I am a photographer and cinematographer working and living in beautiful North Vancouver, BC.

Corby Martin Director of Photography